Synthetic resin tile


Weather resistance 

Environmental protection

Synthetic resin tile is currently vigorously advocated and promoted the new generation of light environmental protection building materials, products environmental protection, energy saving and renewable use, its unique performance advantages won the general concern and recognition of the construction industry, the product market is very broad.

Synthetic resin tile is the new building material using high and new chemical technology, with light weight, great strength, waterproof, anti-corrosion insulation flame retardant, heat insulation, and other excellent characteristics, widely used in the development zone ping change slope, the farmer's market, shopping malls, residential area, the construction of new countryside residents high-grade villas, awning, antique buildings, etc.





Synthetic Resin Tile Accessories Sheet


Installation Process



1)The compatible purlins option includes square tube (60X40X 3mm), C-type section steel (100X50X20X3mm) and anticorrosive wood (60X40mm).

2)The space between purlins should be 660mm, and the purlins are supposed to be arranged from bottom to top.

3)Install the main tile in the reverse direction to the local wind direction. Overlapping of ASA –UPVC roof tiles can be conducted synchronously in both directions.

4)Before installing the ridge tiles, please cut out a section from the first piece.

5)The overlapped section between the ridge tile and the hip tile should be cut smooth. The three-way ridge tile should be installed after both the ridge and hip tiles are finished installation.

6)Special fittinfs are provided for the fixation of our ASA-UPVC roof tiles. The electric drill has to be adopted to create holes on the tile surface and the hole-diameter should be 2mm larger than the screw diameter of Hook nail (Screw).

7)We recommend choosing self-tapping screws and waterproof fittings provided by our company for the tile installation.