What Should You Pay Attention To When Using Color Co-extruded Materials?

- May 10, 2019-

Because of the different melt viscosities of different polymers, the fluidity of different color co-extrudates can be adjusted by the temperature and pressure that are not passed. ASA color co-extruded material and PMMMA color co-extruded material, used for the surface coating of the profiled material, a color co-extruded material with a thickness of only 0.2~0.3 mm, only about 8.69%~13.6% of the thickness of the base material.

In order to obtain the ideal co-extrusion product, we must reasonably set and control the process temperature of the extrusion main machine and the co-extrusion machine, the speed of color co-extrusion and extrusion, and rational design of the co-extrusion flow channel. The pressure of the high-viscosity melt is made as large as possible, so that the co-extruded material and the base material are matched with each other under different temperature and pressure effects and plasticization, and the melt viscosity and the flow rate are matched with each other, which is basically consistent, thereby facilitating control. The thickness of the coextruded layer is good to improve the bonding strength of the coextruded product interface.