Weathering Material Structure

- Apr 30, 2019-

The acid refractory material mainly contains silicon oxide, and silicon brick and clay brick are commonly used. Silica brick is a siliceous product containing more than 94% of silicon oxide. The raw materials used are silica, waste silicon brick, etc., which have strong resistance to acid slag erosion, high softening temperature of load, no shrinkage after repeated calcination, and even slight expansion; However, it is susceptible to erosion by alkaline slag and has poor thermal shock resistance. Silica bricks are mainly used in thermal equipment such as coke ovens, glass melting furnaces, and acid steelmaking furnaces. Clay brick is made of refractory clay and contains 30%~46% alumina. It is a weakly acidic refractory material and is resistant to thermal shock.

Well, it has corrosion resistance to acid slag and is widely used.