We Have Confidence In The Domestic Color Arch Extrusion

- May 11, 2019-

The society is advancing, people's requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher. For example, the requirements for doors and windows gradually change from aluminum alloy doors and windows to plastic steel doors and windows. Therefore, in recent years, plastic steel doors and windows manufacturers are also increasing. Because of this, the demand for raw materials for the production of plastic steel doors and windows is increasing. In particular, the need for ASA color coextrusion and PMMA color coextrusion.

The color co-extruded material is granular and is mainly used for composite co-extrusion of profiles PMMA/PVC and ASA/PVC materials to improve the weather resistance, impact resistance and scratch resistance of the products. At present, many domestic profile manufacturers purchase foreign ASA color co-extruded materials and PMMA co-extruded materials, because they believe that domestic manufacturers of co-extruded materials are relatively few, and the technology is not mature enough. In fact, this idea is wrong, precisely because they have been using foreign color co-extruding materials, but they do not know that the domestic manufacturers of co-extruded materials are mature.

There are several main types of color co-extrusion materials, which are shared with you.

Modified ASA: high gloss, matte, imitation metal, wood grain;

Modified PMMA: similar to the modified ASA, mainly the above several varieties.

We are confident in the domestic color arch extrusion, and it is believed that in the next few years, the profile plants that are using foreign-produced co-extruded materials will also purchase domestically produced co-extruded materials.