Technical Analysis Of Color Co-extrusion

- May 08, 2019-

With the continuous development of color co-extrusion technology at home and abroad, as well as the improvement of technical level in extrusion equipment, raw materials and mold design, mold processing and manufacturing, plastic profile coextrusion technology has been rapidly developed, and its plastic profile products The application can make the product diversified or multi-functional, which can improve the grade of the product and reduce the cost of the product.

The plastic profile coextrusion technology refers to the technology of composite extrusion molding of profiled products by two or more plastic materials, and is a process for processing extrusion composite plastic profiles.

This molding processing method has the following characteristics: (1) can fully exert the inherent characteristics of various plastics, so that it plays a leading role in the composite profile; (2) the overall technology of forming a variety of plastics together, without Bonding or laminating, high efficiency and low cost; (3) compounding hard materials and soft materials, which can combine strength and elasticity to form a special-purpose material; (4) compounding porous materials with dense materials to form Lightweight, high-strength materials give specific properties; (5) can form a variety of varieties, new patterns, excellent performance of various profiles to meet the needs of special applications.