Success In The 19th VietnamPlas

- Oct 12, 2019-

The 2019 Vietnam International Plastics & Rubber Industry Exhibition - VietnamPlas, entering its 19th edition as the industry’s most crucial trade fair in the country, is set to run October 3-6 at Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC), highlighting intelligent manufacturing solutions and sustainable development technologies and ready to create immense business opportunities for both exhibitors and trade visitors.

Many customers from this exhibition thinks highly of our products because of the professional experience and the high performance product.

ASA material

Following more than 10 years of experiences in manufacturing ASA, our products have the best qualities and characteristics.

- Our ASA provides an excellent balance of aesthetics, processability and compatibility with other thermoplastics and substrates compared with paints, films and other weatherable thermoplastic systems.

- Our ASA family includes resins for extrusion and molding; resins for low, medium and high gloss applications; good all-round chemical resistance and excellent resistance to heat aging at elevated temperatures. Additionally, our ASA retains initial physical properties after long-term exposure to UV radiation, heat and chemical better than thermoplastics like PP, PVC, ABS and PC blends.

- Our ASA has better processability, impact resistance, heat deflection temperature and compatibility with ABS and PVC substrates when compared with a wide variety of Acrylics. In comparison with fluropolymer films like PVDF and PVF, our ASA also provides much better economics, good color retention, choice of gloss, recyclability and ease of thermoforming.

ASA functional film

ASA high weather resistance film is a kind of film product, which use ASA resin ((acrylonitile-styrene-acrylic Acrylate ternary copolymer), inorganic toner and auxiliaries as raw material, through specific ratio by blending modification and pulling membrane.


The surface is uniform without scratches

High gloss, delicate and smooth

The color of the product is easier to change

Uniform thickness

Operation simply

There is no need to dry

Save electric energy

Reduce costs