Resume Work Notice

- Feb 17, 2020-

Dear customers,


Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia, all sectors of society have been united in their efforts to firmly curb the spread of the epidemic. Through the previous efforts, the epidemic situation in xinxiang has been stable on the whole, and initial progress has been made in the fight against the epidemic. The prevention and control of the epidemic has entered a new stage of precise prevention and control and recovery of production. During this period, from each customer friends cordial greetings, we express our heartfelt thanks!

We will continue to take effective measures to prevent and control the epidemic. At the same time, we also urge every customer and friend to take good personal protection and cooperate in establishing one person, one card and one gear.

The disease is temporary, friendship is eternal. We would like to continue to work with you to overcome the difficulties, to create a prosperous market, to create a first-class business environment and build a better life!

Resume date: February 18, 2020

Please don't worry about product safety!We firmly control the safety of the first production line.

Thanks and best regards,

Xinxiang Chuangmei Technology Co., Ltd.