Basic Characteristics Of ASA Resin

- Apr 26, 2019-

ASA resin, even without coating protection, has exceptional durability in cold and heat resistant environments. For outdoor applications, GELOY resin retains its color stability even after prolonged exposure to UV light, moisture, heat, cold and impact. It can be hot formed (also can be injection molded and blow molded).

ASA sheet grade resins are formable for use as large structural parts such as hot spring pools, pool steps, and other recreational applications. Advanced GELOY plastics offer improved appearance characteristics, color selectivity, good chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and improved processability.

ASA resin has: outdoor weather resistance, miscibility (mixing materials), high temperature resistance - RTI up to 125 ° F (50 ° C), HDT up to 220 ° F (104 ° C) (black), high gloss, Color stability, UV stability, chemical resistance

Typical applications for ASA resins include: automotive rear mirror housings and exterior trim components, extruded solid profiles for window lines and door profiles, co-extrusion materials for house siding and windows, rainwater tank systems and fences, vending machines Decorative, recreational vehicle (RV), travel trailer and car housing components, spa pool, pool steps, garden tractors, snowmobiles, small water transport equipment enclosures.