ASA Film Is Using In Customer’s Factory

- Sep 13, 2019-


Chuangmei Technology Co., Ltd.

Chuangmei Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, mainly focus on the production and development of new materials. The first phase of factory covers an area of 13,494 m². We are the largest manufacturer of ASA new material in China.

Our company has long engaged experts in the field of new materials as our technical consultants, such as Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, DowChemical, BASF, Clariant, Carbot etc. We have the first-class R&D platform in China. With the rapid development of global economy, “To replace steel and wood with plastic” has become a new trend in the development of global new material industry. As the leader of new material manufacturing enterprise in China, Chuangmei has the core technology of new material. Chuangmei regards quality as its life.

Chuangmei Technology, create a better life!