Reapplication of ASA plastic pellets

- Apr 11, 2019-

Recycled plastic pellets have a wide range of applications. In daily life, recycled granules can be used to make various plastic bags, barrels, pots, toys, furniture, stationery and other household appliances and various plastic products. In the garment industry, it can be used to make garments, ties, buttons, and zippers. In terms of building materials, plastic-wood profiles derived from recycled plastic pellets manufacture various building components, plastic doors and windows, and the like. In the chemical industry, it can be used to make reactors, pipes, vessels, pumps, valves, etc., used in chemical production sites that address corrosion and wear. In agriculture, it can be used to make agricultural film, pumping pipes, agricultural machinery, fertilizer packaging bags, and cement bags. In addition, recycled particles are also widely used in the electrical industry and the telecommunications industry.