Principle of ASA particles

- Apr 12, 2019-

ASA is a copolymer of styrene, acrylonitrile and acrylic rubber. Technically, ASA not only maintains the main characteristics of ABS, but also combines the advantages of acrylic weather resistance, so that the application of the product can be extended to outdoor use. Following more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing ABS, KIBILAC® ASA has inherited the good quality and characteristics of Chi Mei POLYLAC® ABS. Weather resistance, long-term use, color stability, and good compatibility with PC/PVC make KIBILAC® ASA a wider and higher value resin; all parts of steam locomotives, construction parts, outdoor sports goods, gardening products, Outdoor antenna parts, electronic motor products, bathroom products, etc. In addition, KIBILAC® ASA also reduces the processing costs of coating and electroplating secondary processing, making the product cost-effective and environmentally friendly. ASA's product specifications are mainly PW-957, PW-978B, PW-978D, PW-997S.