ASA particle grade introduction

- Apr 13, 2019-

General level

PW-957 is a general-grade ASA resin with high fluidity and high gloss; it is widely used in outdoor and weathering products.


Execution level

PW-997S is an extrusion grade ASA resin for extruding plates and fittings; radome housing; used in building materials and steam locomotive parts.


Heat resistance

The heat-resistant ASA resin is suitable for products with high temperature requirements. Generally used for heating electrical enclosures, automotive components, such as rearview mirrors, water tank front rails, etc. The product types of the heat-resistant ASA are mainly PW-978B and PW-978D. PW-978B is a heat-resistant grade ASA and PW-978D is an ultra-high heat-resistant grade ASA.

PW-978B PW-978D