High weathering film

With the global depletion of forest resources and the increasing awareness of national environmental protection, the wood-plastic industry has developed well, and plastic materialhas also been widely used in gardens, transportation, construction, home improvement, cars and boat interiors.

ASA film

The characteristics of weather resistance durability, color stability, and good PC/PVC capability have allowed ASA to become a broader and higher value resin that can be applied in automotive parts, construction parts, outdoor sporting goods, gardening parts, outdoor antenna parts, electronic and electrical products, toiletries, etc.




ASA-PVC co-extrusion V.S ASA film


ASA-PVC co-extrusion

It requires high standard of equipment, mold, raw and auxiliary materials, formula and process conditions.

Complicated production process.

It is easy to appear uneven coating, surface scratches, scratches and other problems.

ASA film

◆The surface is uniform without scratches and scratches.

◆High gloss, delicate and smooth.

◆The color of the product is easier to change.

◆Uniform thickness.

◆Operation simply.

◆There is no need to dry.

◆Save electric energy.

◆Reduce costs.